House Chanter Imperialis is the PC based security, trade and exploration division of House Chanter; an imperial family that also controls the House Chanter Corporation based in Dzalak Mani and all related assets.As one of the galaxy’s leading Hydrogen Fuel producers and the largest in the Empire, our employees are our key asset. We are committed to attracting and retaining top talent by providing a dynamic workplace that offers a range of experiences and career development opportunities, is respectful and inclusive and protects worker rights. We are currently seeking active Pilots to join our ranks. Employees will be compensated generously per contribution.Please watch the recruitment video below for more information:

Key PersonsPositionPriority
Erika Wagner ChanterTrade AmbassadorV2J-01
CMDR Madi TenurrSquadron StrategistMA-01A
CMDR Molag BolSquadron CommanderMO-01A
CMDR Slick RickDeputy Squadron CommanderSL-1A


House Chanter's primary goal is exploration and production; noble goals that require us to expand to other systems from time to time. As exploration and reserve replacement are major drivers for the corporation, House Chanter boosts for atmospheric extraction and production additions in its core Protonated Helium areas (Dzalak Mani, Kisa, Privithi, Gladutjaras, Salibi and many more). House Chanter Corporation's primary Atmospheric Excavation, production and distribution subsidiary is the Dzalak Mani Public Partners Company.Between AD 3292 and 3302, House Chanter Corporation (The Company; which is also called HCC) reported liquids (Water, methane ices etc) and gas (Hydrogen, Helium and methane gases) production of 537,701,820,441 metric Tonnes (mTs). During the first decade after our acquisition of the exclusive mining rights to Dzalak Mani in 3292, 60 new exploratory gaseous hotspots were identified by our patented HCI Momentum Exchange Tethers (or HMETs) in Privithi. 56 were identified and drilled in 3293 in Dzalak Mani and 47 in 3295 in Kisa. The overall commercial success rate was 40% (40.8% net to HCI) as compared to 42% secured in our Propellant Depots in the previous decade (38.6% net to HCI) and 41% in the 3270's (39% net to HCI). In 3304, 12 years after our corporation began, 351 development wells were recently identified and as exploited, as 407 in 3305 and 399 in 3306.In 3305 House Chanter Imperialis ranked 113 on the Imperial Energy Conglomerate list by combined revenue from sales of Aneutronic Fusion Fuels. A year later in 3306, HCI was ranked as the 316th largest private company in the core worlds.Figures aside, our primary purpose for undertaking expansion to other star systems is to extend our wealth, security and power. Each expansion and acquisition also ensure that Princess Aisling Duval's doctrine is enforced in the controlled system and that means that all slaves therein will be liberated and all narcotics will be banned or destroyed. We are loyal to the empire and will help any new Independent Pilots that are pledged to the Empire and the House of Duval. We also engage in trade and receive a twice-a-month delivery of goods from several registered vendors. Recruits can be eligible for 10% of all profits gained from every successful import and export.